Car Rider Map 2022-2023

August 9, 2022

Pirate Drop-Off
• Parents should remain in cars.
• Students should not exit the car until directed to do so by school staff.
• Staff will not be able to assist students with seat belts or car seats, so please make sure your child is able to unbuckle themselves or that you can assist them without exiting the vehicle.
• In the morning, we will run two lanes. Students in the second lane will need to walk on the yellow line up to the front in order to be safely crossed by a staff member.
• In the morning, you may pull into any lane to drop off. PLEASE DO NOT LINE JUMP. Once you are in a lane, stay in a lane.


Pirate Pick-up
• In the afternoon, we will have two lines. The line closest to the sidewalk is the orange line and the second line is the green line. Please be sure you are in the correct line per the color of your car rider tag. We are so excited to see our Pisgah Pirates soon and are looking forward to a successful year of learning!

  • In the afternoon, the exiting lane drives to the left of the two oncoming lanes. Cones will be placed the first week to help with directing traffic. Please be courteous and patient with other parents as we get everyone used to the flow of traffic.


Pisgah Car Rider Map –

Orange Lane – Closest to the sidewalk
Green Lane – Closest to the parking lot