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Hello! I am Mrs. Whitaker, the Speech Pathologist (SLP) for Pisgah Elementary. I am from Clarksville and my husband I have have two children. I graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with my Bachelors Degree in Communication Disorders and from the University of Tennessee with a Master of Arts in Speech Language Pathology. I have experience in working with both adults and children. I believe everyone has a story to tell and I love helping children learn how to better tell their story through learning how to speak more clearly and/or learning how to use words and formulate sentences to express their thoughts. Speech and language skills are essential to being successful in the classroom both academically and socially and we focus on skills to help them succeed in both areas.
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Welcome to Pisgah's Speech & Language Home Page

In addition to resources listed under classroom links, we will be providing weekly suggestions and ideas for you to support your child's speech and language skills at home. Please contact me with any questions or if there are other ways that I can support you.


Read with your child

Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin (If you do not have the book, you can search youtube for people reading the book.)

Follow the daily ideas to support speech & language here.

If your child needs support with …

Speech Sounds: search for words that have your target sound

Early Language: Have your child point to things in the pictures. Model for them if they are not sure.

Later Language: Ask your child questions from every couple of pages. If they are not sure of the answers, provide them with the answer and then ask the question again.


Play with your child

Pretend Play – you can use toy food or toy utensils and set up a grocery store. Go shopping and checkout. If you don’t have pretend food, you can draw pictures or ask them to draw pictures of food items.

If your child needs support with …

Speech Sounds: find foods that have your target sound in them and practice correctly

Early Language: practice labeling food items. If your child does not know them, model the correct answer and ask them to repeat. If they cannot repeat the whole word, they can repeat the first sound. If no words or sounds, try having them find the food item you name. Give them 2-3 choices. 

Later Language: Ask your child to tell you two things about their favorite foods. Is it a dessert? What color is it? Where do you find the food? Is it sweet or salty?


Talk with your child

One of the most of important things we can do to support speech and language is to talk with our children. This week let them be with you while you make a meal. It can be as simple as a making a sandwich. Talk about the foods needed for the sandwich. Talk about what you do first, next, and last when making the sandwich. Ask them questions. Have them describe their favorite sandwich. Ask them to use a complete sentence. Ask them to tell you how to make the sandwich and you follow their directions exactly. Even if they do not respond, they are being exposed to wonderful and functional language by listening to you! Have Fun!!



  • Be Respectful.

  • Wait Your Turn.

  • Share Materials.

  • Try Your Best.

  • Ask Questions.